Book Review: The Ugly One by Hermione Ranfurly


Actually it took me years to finished this non-fiction novel by Hermione Ranfurly not because it wasn’t that good (that’s what I thought!) But it was a great read.

After a year of letting the book sit on my shelf untouched, neglected and left behind, I decided to continue reading it again for real. And.. Ta dah! I finished it on one sit!

It was a memorable experience. One of those moments forever etched to your heart and mind because everything felt so real. You will definitely feel like you are with the author’s side watching, standing, lurking around while her life make a dramatic turns. You want to help her through the toughest times of her life, but you can’t because you’re just a by stander, a person taking a peek through some of her weird times in life. But it’s okay because you know that everything passes, everyone will move on, and surely win things over in the end.

If you guys want some escape for a while or maybe here and there for some reason read this one. You wont regret it. Promise. 😉

Rate: 3/5 stars! ✨